Daniel Baron

Who is it writing those articles on a page called “Barooney”? And why are ideas just everything?

My name is Daniel Baron, I am a 32 year old web developer and computer science student, specialized in PHP and WordPress projects. In my spare time I love to develop new ideas and tackle smaller and bigger side projects.

In my opinion, it is crucial to have dreams and ideas of how to further improve the every day work and workflows. Being efficient is the key to success, especially in digital publishing where every second matters to be the number one.

That’s what I want to do: Helping others to be one of the fastest of their kind to outrun their competitors. I am accomplishing this by smart solutions and wiping the need of Copy and Paste from tool to tool. My solutions take advantage of public and private APIs of websites, applications and the preexistent data given to me.

Contact me if you have any workflow to improve! I will be happy to help you out!



My journey started on a Saturday back in 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I grew up in Berlin, having a great time in the sandbox. My parents started early to show me different things and they woke a lot of interests in my still very young ages. I can’t thank them enough for caring so much about me.

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Moving to Bielefeld


Still being a small boy playing in the sandbox, my parents and I moved to the most beautiful city Bielefeld. I went there for one year to the kindergarten before I started primary school at the Osningschule in 1998. After primary school I went on to secondary school being the Helmholtz-Gymnasium. There, I gained some fairly extended knowledge about software development and a deep understanding of Object Oriented Programming using Java. Also, I was involved in the layout process of the student newspaper and later on in the data acquisition and layout process of the graduation book.

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My training at the Neue Westfälische


After leaving the Helmholtz-Gymnasium I started a training as a media designer at the local newspaper Neue Westfälische. There, I had the chance to strengthen my preexistent knowledge of laying out and designing smaller and bigger publications and also keeping up with Corporate Design. My training ended after two and a half year after I noticed that I couldn’t learn anything from my trainer. Even though, we still have a very strong and good relationship! One of our coolest projects was an iBook about our local football club, Arminia Bielefeld. Other projects I were working on were some internal Web-to-Print workflows to improve the communications between different departments.

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Moving back to Berlin


After finishing my training I moved back to Berlin to work at Geil,Danke! Over there I have learned basic (and later on extended) skills in project management and in using the Git version control management. Even though my contract didn’t last that long, I had the time of my life, so many new impressions and learnings in terms of how to write good and maintainable software in PHP and Node.js. I had my first real WordPress project over there, the website from the Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar. On the other hand I was working on the Portier server, a Direct Entitlement Server for the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Soon after my colleagues and I were forced to leave the company, my boss asked me if I was interested in a job at Axel Springer…

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Axel Springer and a lot of music


I was working for the Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin as a freelance web developer until they decided to officially start the relaunch of their three music websites rollingstone.de, metal-hammer.de and musikexpress.de. In December ’14, I got employed and together with the Berlin- and Bielefeld-based agency Palasthotel, we relaunched the first of the platforms in May ’15.

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PUBKON talk about Web-to-Print workflows


As a side project, I was working on a WordPress plugin, which allowed exporting WordPress posts to an InDesign document. The PUBKON – a German conference about publishing – came by and I asked them if they wanted a talk about a Web-to-Print workflow including WordPress as one of the biggest Content Management Systems of the world. Of course, they agreed! So I went to Cologne. And gave my first talk to an expert audience. I guess I should have started with an easier audience, but hey: We’re thinking big, right?

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Moving back to Bielefeld


After my talk, there were so many requests which I couldn’t handle with my day-to-day job at the Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin. Also, they were facing a very solid WordPress instance with a very rich and extended feature set, so it was okay for me to leave them with Palasthotel. Even though I quit in May, I was working with them on-site until late August, when I moved back to Bielefeld.

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IDUG Berlin #30


While I was trying to handle most of my clients, Heike Burch was one of the clients who really wanted to understand the technical backgrounds of the workflow I was planning for her website “Für Freunde“. Talking about her project started soon after the PUBKON and is still ongoing. You may read about it here. So it came to the point that we had a working setup and we presented it at the InDesign User Group Berlin.

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IDUG Hamburg


Since the last IDUG event, Heike and I were asked to come to so many other events and so, the next event we visited was the InDesign User Group Hamburg…

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Swiss Publishing Days


Once again, Heike and me gave a talk about her “Für Freunde” project at the Swiss Publishing Days.

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Joined CCS GmbH


Working for CCS GmbH allows me to run Schoolm8 under a well-known name and adds more security to the whole system due to it being maintained by a company rather than a single person.

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Started studying CS and Text Technology and Computer Linguistics


Starting my studies allows me to use my time efficiently learning new things and working in parallel. Things I learn in the university can be directly applied to projects I work on.

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Back to school


I was a supply teacher for a few months at my former high school. I wanted to find out if being a teacher would be an option for me. And to be honest, it is not. But I am grateful for the possibility given to me to test my skills in that field.

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Tutor at the university