I’ve been working on smaller things and side-projects. One of them was the summary of the talk Heike and I gave in Berlin at the InDesign User Group. This one is the German version, you may find an equivalent English version here in my Blog.
When I got back to my computer on monday last week, Heike called me via Skype asking me about how to make the process of getting the recipes from her WordPress site to InDesign more secure.

I had been working on it on Sunday night, so I could present her an updated version of the WordPress plugin and InDesign script, which now featured an One-Time Password for authentication. Because she wanted it to be even more secure, she has now the ability to turn the API on and off, so no one has the ability to leak the recipes, if she didn’t enable the export functionality beforehands.

Same website, another plugin, completely different task: The ingredients for the recipes, which can be found on Für Freunde, should be easily copied over to your Wunderlist, so you could go shopping with your Wunderlist and you got everything at hand what is required for each of the recipes. Currently, this is a prototype, but it already works as you can see in this screenshot:

I’ve been doing some planning on the Porky API like wrapping the code within a single object and making a configuration dialogue for Porky connections. This will be relevant on Wednesday, when I have a call with Oliver from Schreiber und Freunde, the agency mainly developing Porky.


Mostly, I was hanging around in the Buffer chat chit-chatting with the guys over there on how to improve the social media presence, how one would achieve this and that, basically how to become a better person. If I would tell you what’s going on there, you wouldn’t have a reason to join, right? So you are very welcome to do so and find out for yourself.

One of the things I came across and what really made me scratch my head was how to get a Twitter list into Buffer to choose content from. There was no option to do so and the Twitter API didn’t allow to export an RSS feed right away. So I developed a small wrapper, which simply requires you to put in your Twitter list in a form and you retrieve your RSS feed in return.
The code can be found on this Gist.


I got myself a few lamps for my flat, thus I’d say I am fully furnished for now.

Lately, I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 a lot with my parents, after they helped me to put the lamps into place. On the other hand, I started Watch_Dogs on PS4 some time last week and finished it just yesterday. It was a quite straight-forward story and I wish it was more like real hacking including code and stuff, but pressing square in the right moment… Well, fair enough.

I got myself Until Dawn a few days back, so this might be the next title to slot in my PS4…

After a very unfortunate break on learning Spanish with Duolingo, I am back on track for ten days now. That being said:

Hasta luego!