A group of students talking.

An eight in orange and dark grey.Schoolm8 is one of my bigger projects I am currently tackling. It is all about students. And it is about design.

Well, how can these two go together, you may ask. That’s fair enough and I’m not getting tired to explain it to anyone who asks: Students do graduate from high school some day. And – to be honest – if you just graduated, you don’t want to reminisce about all the tests and homework you had to do.

But who you will be thinking and caring about are your friends, your classmates, your fellow sufferers in school.

That is, where Schoolm8 kicks in: We provide students an extensive platform for creating and sharing content, curating it and finally let them decide, which contents should go into a beautifully designed and printed book. That book won’t be like a news stream you can skip until the next cat content pops up, it is even more. It is basically the memory of a whole year of students.

If you want to follow Schoolm8 on the next steps, please feel free to do so. These are the current social media profiles: