I sat down and touched my PS4 after probably more than a year and updated it to the hackable firmware 5.05.

I dropped the Arch Linux-based Psxitarch Linux v2 on a thumb drive and booted into Linux on my black pearl. Soon enough I figured out how to use pacmac (coming from Ubuntu, I am familiar with apt).

Docker installed just fine with

$ pacman -S docker

However, starting Docker was not possible. I tried to figure out what was wrong, but in the end I came across a script to check the kernel configuration and Psxitarch was missing some flags.

After I modified and compiled the kernel with the required flags, I was able to run Docker on the PS4:

This is something truly special for me – since I have never ever before compiled any Linux kernel.

You can find the fork here: https://github.com/barooney/ps4-linux

The compiled bzImage can be downloaded below, otherwise you can compile it for yourself using the repository above. I didn’t run into any issues so far, but this comes without any warranty. It is running fine on my first day Fat PS4, this doesn’t mean it will be working for you.